Globe Theater

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This photo was taken around early last year, when my class went to see the merchant of Venice at the globe theater. I really like the sky as well as the way the sun reflects on the river, but I don't like that the picture is quite blurry and out of focus as well as being unsteady. With this picture I get the feeling like it was in the past. The way the colours are very Hazey and I like the overall look to the picture.

In the car

I was going to see my sister who used to live in Hackney. When I was coming home the sun was just setting it made a really nice effect on the buildings. In the picture even though it is blurry I still like it because it has like the silhouettes of the buildings with the sun shining through it


Lake District

This is a picture from my last summer holidays, I went to Lake District with some family, we met up with some family in the Lake District who live there. They really wanted us to climb a mountain at sunset to see it. I’m glad we did we got some amazing photos and this was one of my favourites the sun was just setting it looks amazing. I really liked the sky and the land in the distance. The sun setting was hitting the hill so it made a nice effect.

Epping forest

So on my holidays I decided to go to Epping forest with some friends, it was a really nice day and the weather was really warm I took loads of pictures.



My favourite out of these 3 is the one where the sun is shinning down into the forest I think I like it because it is very clear and the colours are vibrant.(2nd photo)